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Town & Country School Tuition and Scholarships

Tuition and Scholarships


Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition 2024-2025




Grade Total Tuition 10 monthly pmts 2 semester pmts
1-3 $15,370.00 $1,537.00 $7,685.00
4-6 $15,990.00 $1,599.00 $7,995.00
7-8 $16,580.00 $1,658.00 $8,290.00
9-12 $17,230.00 $1,723.00 $8,615.00

For Returning Students After $300 Deposit Applied

Grade Total Tuition 10 monthly pmts 2 semester pmts
1-3 $15,070.00 $1,507.00 $7,535.00
4-6 $15,690.00 $1,569.00 $7,845.00
7-8 $16,280.00 $1,628.00 $8,140.00
9-12 $16,930.00 $1,693.00 $8,465.00

Tuition includes:  

  • Speech & Language
  • Social Skills
  • Testing
  • Reading Specialist
  • Educational Consultant
  • Oklahoma Parental Choice Tax Credit (Click on the links below for more information)

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available for families who qualify. Once a student has been accepted at Town & Country School, they are able to apply for financial aid. For more information, email or call 918-296-3113, ext. 111

The Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship

The Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship is offered through the Oklahoma Department of Education. It allows the parent/guardian of a public school student with a disability to exercise their parental option and request to have an LNH Scholarship awarded for their child to enroll in and attend a private school, if the child is on an Individualized Education Program (IEP) prior to the request and has spent the previous school year in attendance at a public school.

You must formally withdraw your child from the public school district where he or she is enrolled upon receipt of approval for the LNH Scholarship. Failure to withdraw your child from the district may affect your eligibility status to receive the scholarship.

Lindsey Nicole Henry Scholarship Application Procedure

The parent must first choose an approved private school. Town & Country School is an approved private school.
The LNH Scholarship Application must be completed online by the parent/guardian. The application can be found at the Oklahoma State Department of Education website. Be prepared to upload the required documentation, by December 1 of the year that parent/guardian is seeking the scholarship. All applications received after December 1 will be processed for the following school year.
The application process must be completed with the OSDE each year that the parent/guardian chooses to participate in LNH Scholarship.
To request the LNH Scholarship for your child with a disability, please submit a completed copy of the LNH scholarship application with all required documentation to the OSDE. You may contact the OSDE with any questions (405) 521-4865.


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