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Town & Country School Academics

Town & Country School Academics



Town & Country School continues to be Oklahoma’s only accredited, non-public, full-day program specifically designed to meet the needs of children in grades 2-12 who have been diagnosed with learning differences or attention disorders.

Children with learning differences and attention disorders are typically frustrated, anxious and tense in a traditional educational environment. By providing individualized attention, family support, and curriculum modifications, the school relieves the child of otherwise stressful situations, which allows for real learning to take place.

Town & Country School’s program differs significantly from “pull-out” programs or resource labs found in other educational settings. This individualized approach eliminates the student’s fear of competing with other students who can think, read, write, communicate and perform in a more expedient manner. Town & Country School’s program focuses on the child’s positive aspects while remediating and/or teaching compensatory skills for their weaknesses, thereby building the student’s self-esteem and motivation. Although other programs may have supports available to these students, the supports are typically varied, inconsistent, and/or decreased as students reach the high school level. This ultimately results in students becoming “at risk” for failure or dropping out of school.

Town & Country School provides a rich, caring environment, appropriate academic programming and builds compensatory skills so that our children can be successful in school and achieve their life goals–including college attendance, vocational/technical training, future careers, successful interpersonal relationships, and community and civic involvement.

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