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Town & Country School Testimonials

Town & Country School Testimonials



"If you have a child with special needs you've got to check this school out! They have worked wonders with my son. He loves school now! The teachers and all of the staff members are so great! I highly recommend it! I don't worry about other kids picking on my son anymore. This school has given me peace of mind!"   -Town & Country School Parent

"Thank you so much for going above and beyond for my son and our family. This news is the answer to prayers and is such a blessing and relief to us during these hard times. We are grateful for all of the Town and Country staff and board for allowing us to be able to keep our son at the best school for him."   -Town & Country School Parent

"Happy New Year! Quick note to say THANK YOU for setting my son up to be the academic success he's turning into. Straight A's in honors courses at community college. Has finished certifications at tech school. Looks likely he'll go into the university program he intended. Sincerely, thank you for creating exactly the environment my son needed to thrive." -Town & Country School Parent

"My son really appreciated all of the options you have available for him if he gets stuck.  He said he hasn’t needed to use them but appreciates they are available if he does. I just thought you might want to hear this report. Especially since none of it was prompted. :)  He even said, as a high school student he will probably look back and really appreciate all you did for him while he struggled in middle school."   -Town & Country School Parent

"As I sit here awaiting the orientation meeting, I am in awe. My son is waiving, smiling, high fiving staff and peers. I am in tears. This is the first time that I have seen him so happy and comfortable. He has talked all summer about joining the bowling team this year. He wants to make new friends."   -Town & Country School Parent

"We have always believed our son's start at Town and Country gave him the tools he needed to go forth in the world. We are and will always be forever grateful!"   -Town & Country School Parent

"Town & Country has provided this student the tools that help him understand his weaknesses, shown him ways to use his strengths, and has therefore been instrumental in his ability to view himself as a person of value.  This allowed him to understand how to build better relationships with his peers and teachers.  He is empowered to be the best he can be in all aspects of his life." -School Administrator

"I will be eternally grateful to everybody at Town and Country for the support and for the patience given to my son.  You helped make his high school experience a great one." -Town & Country School Parent