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Teacher and students walking down a hallway
Middle School

Town & Country School in Tulsa is accredited by the Oklahoma State Department of Education


Middle School



The Town and Country Middle School community continually aims to provide students with a safe welcoming environment where they can build on their strengths, build self-esteem and confidence, and build lasting relationships.  The middle school’s nurturing faculty embraces students as unique individuals.  The highly trained teachers take the time to support students to succeed in school and beyond. 

The speech and language pathologist and psychological service work alongside teachers to provide a supportive environment to ensure that the students will thrive academically, socially, and emotionally.



·   Certified teachers with special education focus and an assistant in each classroom

·    Small class sizes to optimize unique learning styles.

·    A learning environment where students feel safe to struggle, seek new challenges and become confident learners.

·    Psychological and Language Services which complement a child’s program to address individual student needs within the classroom and beyond.

·    An integrated approach which focuses on the development of the whole student through close collaboration with teachers, specialists, and advisors.


·    Language Arts Literature/Vocabulary Class - uses a wide variety of strategies to target the various levels of comprehension. 

·    Math Class- Small group instruction that emphasizes conceptual understanding and computation skills to further develop math reasoning and problem-solving  abilities.

·    Language Arts Writing/Grammar Class- Uses strategies that enable students to express themselves accurately in written form.  Students will develop skills        needed to write clear sentences and well-organized paragraphs.  Students are taught to write argumentative, informational, and narrative pieces using outlines    and graphic organizers.

·   LindaMood Bell Visualizing/Verbalizing

·   Social Studies Class-Topics covered are World Geography, American History and Government.  Students engage with the curriculum in a project-based format while utilizing learning skills such as interpreting and making maps, sequencing events, research, compare and contrast, and engaging in collaboration.

·   Science- Presents a foundation in scientific questioning and investigation.  Courses include Earth and Physical Science, Environmental Science and Life Science.

·   Speech and Language Therapy for articulation, expressive and receptive language, and pragmatic language skills

·   Orton Gillingham Methods

·    Learning Ally

·    IXL

·    Social Skills

·    Social Thinking Zones of Regulation

·    Physical Education

For more information on the elementary and middle school, contact Principal Anne Scalet at or call 918-296-3113, ext. 130

You can also contact Director of Admissions Denise Jurbala at or call 918-296-3113, ext. 111