Eight Habits of the Heart

We’ve made it to April!

We delivered a car full of items to The Demand Project yesterday. They were so amazed that our little school could make such a big impact. 😊

Our habit for this month is Courage. Defined by Clifton Taulbert as, “standing up and doing the right thing, speaking out on behalf of others, and making a commitment to excellence in the face of adversity or the absence of support.”

We will be supporting The Coffee Bunker, a coffee shop that supports local veterans by supplementing meals, finding jobs, and fellowship with other military families. A great local charity!

Please help spread the word with your families. Here is our flyer to share.

Last day for collection is Friday, May 21st.


This is our last collection for the year, let’s go out in style!


Casey Macpherson

High School English

Town & Country School