Running Club

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The T&C Knights Running Club is an after school, extra-curricular activity that will start during the spring and is open to all students. The cost to join the Running Club for the entire year is $25 which covers RC supplies. Make checks payable to Town & Country School.

Please email either Ray Odor or Emily Meyer, and let us know if your child will participate. They do not have to attend every meeting. We would like them to participate in one of the community runs this year. We are excited about running club and are looking forward to a big turnout! We hope you consider letting your student participate.


  1. To teach students about proper stretching before exercising.
  2. To encourage students to stay healthy and active.
  3. To allow students to set personal goals and work to achieve them.
  4. To introduce and enroll students in community runs and possibly local track meets.


Each student will be able to set their own personal goal for running.  It may be to improve their lap time, improve their distance or it may be just to run/walk with friends and enjoy being active.